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This page features many novelists, poets and playwrights from ancient times to the present. It may be broken into categories as it expands.
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Louisa May Alcott = Calamity to a soul

Aristophanes = Pathos is near

Samuel Beckett = Bleakest cut me
= Cults betake me

Charlotte Bronté
= Cat on her blotter
= Let no brother act
= Betroth to lancer

Emily Bronté = Loiter by men
= Timely boner

William Burroughs = How I rub a slum girl

Charles Butler
= Cruel blathers
= Brutal lechers
= Lecturer blahs
= Crusher ballet
= Stellar cherub

Albert Camus
= Muscatel bar
= A club master
= Lambs are cut
= Slum cabaret
= Steal a crumb
= Macabre lust
= A car tumbles

Truman Capote = Teacup matron

Lewis Carroll = Real ill crows

Raymond Chandler = One dry land march

Agatha Christie = Sit at a high race
= A hag is theatric

Samuel Clemens = Clueless man? Me?

Joseph Conrad = Jared's poncho

Noel Coward = A word clone
= World ocean

Charles Dickens = Darkness cliché
= His lens cracked

Emily Dickinson = Income is kindly

Arthur Conan Doyle = A country land hero
= Crayon nude harlot

Robert Duncan
= Counter-brand
= A current bond
= Dancer to burn

T.S. Eliot = Litotes
Litotes is the use of understatement, often by expressing an idea as the negative of the contrary. For example, "She's not unattractive"

William Faulkner = Kill main fuel war

Zane Grey = Zany gear

Dashiell Hammett = Meth—It's a mad hell

Ernest Hemingway = Seen with Meg Ryan
= He was minty green

Oliver Wendell Holmes = Relished mellow novel
= Old horsemen live well

Jonathan Swift = What joint fans

Immanuel Kant = A milkman tune

Rudyard Kipling = Dark, lurid, pingy

Ezra Pound = A pun dozer

Norman Mailer = Manlier Roman
= Real minor man

Thomas Mann = Hmm, no Satan?

Arthur Miller = Rum thriller
Rum can mean strange

Thomas Paine = A pathos in me
= Pains at home

Edgar Allan Poe = Pen a large load
= Read all on page

Sylvia Plath = Aptly lavish

Beatrix Potter = A bitter export
= Extra Brit poet
Beatrix was English

Marcel Proust = Court sampler
= Ream sculptor
If a ream is 500 sheets of paper, then could a "Ream sculptor" be an author of a thousand page book?

Anne Rice = Narceine
Anne's lesser known husband, poet Stan Rice also produces a one-word anagram — canister

Jean Jacques Rousseau = Aqua Jesus jounces era

Joanne Rowling = Join wrong lane
= No longer in jaw
The Harry Potter books were written under the name J.K. Rowling but it does not produce sensible anagrams.

Bertrand Russell = Bard tells reruns

J.D. Salinger = Rad jingles
= Jig slander

Jean-Paul Sartre = Tears rule Japan

William Shakespeare = Pharisee walks a mile
= Wake imperial hassle

George Bernard Shaw = A green herb's war dog

Upton Sinclair = I sculpt an iron

Gertrude Stein = Urged interest
= Trust in degree

John Steinbeck = Think scene job

Harriet Beecher Stowe = Treacheries to Hebrew

Rabindranath Tagore = The narrating abroad
= Brain hated arrogant

Dylan Thomas = Hymnal toads

Henry David Thoreau = Dear author hid envy
= Darth Vader in you, eh?
= Hindu over Earth Day
The well known anagram for Thoreau is "A very hidden author"

Gore Vidal = A dove girl

Voltaire = I love art

Noah Webster = The snow bear
= The raw bones

Oscar Wilde = Cowards lie
= I lace words

Tennessee Williams
= Meet all in wiseness
= Wisest men see in all

Thomas Wolfe = Hot flames. Ow!
= Show of metal

William Wordsworth = World with warm soil

Herman Wouk = Humane work

W B Yeats = Best way
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