Isaac Newton Math & Science Anagrams

Here is a look at some messages found in the names of famous scientists and mathematicians. Unlike most of the other galleries which feature entertainers, athletes and other such celebrities, many of the names here have endured for centuries and will likely be known for a long time to come. At present, all of the names are presented together but they may be separated into categories as the number increases.
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Archimedes = Midreaches
= Made riches
The word midreaches is not in many dictionaries but is defined as streams carrying the water from several tributaries.

Aristotle = Totaliser
Another one-worder, a totaliser is a person or thing that totals. Some dictionaries only have totalizer.

Noam Chomsky =
A neat website anagram for the still active linguist and political activist.

Nicolaus Copernicus = Our sun's iconic place
= Lo, suspicion can cure
= Conspicuous in clear
The first anagram for Nicolaus is uncanny since his heliocentric cosmology put the sun at the center of the universe, rather than the Earth.

Marie Curie = A ureic rime
Okay, so ureic means pertaining to urea, a chemical compound found in urine and rime is frost. I'm reminded of the proverb "Don't eat yellow snow".

Charles Darwin = War as children

Leonardo Da Vinci = O, a divine lord can
= A vain lord in code
= Dried in a volcano

René Descartes = Earnest creeds
= Seers recanted

Thomas Edison = Do atoms shine?

Albert Einstein = Elite brain sent

Michael Faraday = Aid alchemy afar
= A family had care
= Ah! Acid may flare.

Pierre de Fermat = Prefer diameter
= A preferred time

Sigmund Freud = Fumed in drugs

Stephen Hawking = He knew things, pa

Werner Heisenberg = Bring new seer here
= I renew green herbs
Heisenberg is asscociated mostly with the uncertainty principle in quantum theory.

Edwin Hubble = Hide new bulb

Alfred Kinsey = Feel a dry skin
= Fires nakedly
Dr. Kinsey researched human sexuality. He was portrayed by Liam Neeson in the film Kinsey.

Antoine Lavoisier = Ion is a revelation
A superb anagram for the man described as the "father of modern chemistry"

Lise Meitner = Serene limit

Isaac Newton = I want a scone

Gregor Mendel = Golden merger

Dmitri Mendeleev = Mr. Divide Element
= Drive mid element
Mendeleev is credited with making the first version of the periodic table of elements. One can find the message Element divider in his name but there is an M left over.

Blaise Pascal = Capable sails

Louis Pasteur = Ritual spouse

Wilhelm Röntgen = The morning well

Erwin Schröedinger = Woe in red herrings
= Wise on red herring

Andrew Wiles = We draw lines
Andrew successfully tackled the monumental proof to Fermat's Last Theorem
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